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An international symbol of bountiful harvest, I grew up with grapes adorning my Brandenburg grandmother's silverware at her well orchestrated table for daily guests. I have been the featured jeweler at The Maryland Wine Festival since its inception in 1982: that was my first show. This is one of my oldest series. The Cabernet Sauvignon series was inspired by the vineyard at the Castle of Chalon, Eastern France. A minimal studio was assembled in the nearby mill house of a friend. Leaves were cut out and sculpted over a period of three weeks then constructed into wearables when back at Toll House Studio. Spring feeds the vines and leaves which is the focus rather than the grapes. The energetic growth is depicted through forged and fabricated repoussé in sterling silver.  The other varieties were inspired by Jefferson's collection of grape plants at Monticello where I have spent happy hours drawing gifts from dignitaries knowing of his plant obsession during his time as Ambassador to France. This line is

represented in the Museum Shop at Monticello. 

About the Grape Collection
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