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About the Heart Armor & Shields Collection

Heart Armor

Filing two sterling milkweed pod shapes as a friend told how the love of his life walked out of it, Heart Armor was born. The pods inverted and came together in a heart-like form which was then bisected by a shot of life giving energy like the river down the middle of nearby Taos Pueblo. If any couple ever needed Heart Armor, it was Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera so these are two of the pieces pictured in my booth and on the website. Heart Armor pendants incorporate a variety of textural techniques such as reticulation, granulation, diminished diameter and traditional change of plane forging,  planishing with forged and fabricated repoussé in sterling, 80/20 silver, 14 and 18 K gold, copper, bronze,  pearls and opals.  They are talismen for those overcoming or avoiding tragedy.

Heart Shields

This wearable Heart Shield series developed along with Heart Armor. Less three dimensional, this work ranges in size from a half inch to 3 x 8 feet, from sterling and gold, to copper and steel. Like the Heart Armor, it is a talisman to pull together in times of adversity. These are sterling diminished diameter and traditional change of plane forging. The process begins with 0-10 gauge wire that is tapered by hammering, drawing through a plate or rolling in a rolling mill, up right sanding, buffing and more hammering before polishing to shape the graceful calligraphic curves. There are pins, pendants, earrings, and bracelets so far. The smooth shiny sterling is paired with the rough iridescent surface of baroque pearls which add a kinetic feature. The open work allows your skin to become part of the design. Wearing them is like breathing.

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