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About the Spanish Moss & Vines Collection

Spanish Moss and Savannah

Spanish Moss hanging from a Harry Lauder Walking Stick bush in Old Town Savannah inspired experimentation with reticulation in combination with random granulation and forging. Each work is one of a kind and includes a variety of Akoya and other pearls in natural tones. Each location from St. Simon's, to Beaufort, to Charleston has a color particular to it that I have matched to the color of some unusual gem stones. Particularly rare is the celadon Kyanite representing the very ancient moss hanging from old growth trees surrounding an archeological dig that may be part of the first cemetery in the oldest community founded  and governed by and for freed slaves on Hilton Head. Enjoy my fanciful interpretation: within this series each piece is as one of a kind as the plants that inspired it.

Savannah and The Harriet Tubman Series

Savannah Unchained, and Savannah Heart Armor are my tribute to the abolitionist Harriet Tubman from the Eastern Shore of my home state, Maryland. In order to do a proper tribute, Heart Armor had to join the Savannah line. Hard to imagine the tenacity and passion that drove this  woman to free so many under such hardships. A matriarch among so many beautiful live oaks riveted my attention on its branches twined with Spanish Moss. 


The Edisto part of this series evolved while camping at Edisto Beach State Park October 2013 and continued January 2014. My romance with the Spanish Moss was replaced by my lust for the linear suppleness of the vines draping the live oaks. Some were bigger than my arm. I drew in a state of rapture for hours and documented these plants photographically. The Edisto series features diminished diameter forging and now includes neck vines, bracelets, and earrings. 

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